1st Listening Session Revisited

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Perspective. ‘Land lease communities, previously manufactured home communities, and earlier, ‘mobile home parks’, comprise the real estate component of manufactured housing.’

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INTRODUCTION: Pretty straightforward! More info from Listening Session # 1, plus a request for assistance. AND, the second installment of ANSWERS addition to this weekly blog posting.


1st Listening Session Revisited…

Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac are frustrated and disappointed with the too few ‘new type’ HUD-Code manufactured homes (Now, CrossMod® homes according to MHI) financed via their respective MHAdvantage & CHOICEHomes programs to date. Accordingly, James Gray of the FHFA, and others present at the Listening Session, requested input from attendees – and YOU, if not an attendee; regarding ‘How to generate more consumer interest in these two real estate-secured finance products for manufactured homes!’ If you have ideas, please pass them onto me, and I’ll ensure they are forwarded to the appropriate GSE, or both. Simply email: gfa7156@aol.com or phone the Official MHIndustry hotline: (877) MFD-HSNG or 633-4764.

Was interesting to learn of GSE’s interest in long term written leases as protection against surprise and exorbitant rental homesite rate increases. Also their sensitivity to securing chattel capital loans in land lease communities that might close for redevelopment. And where property owner loan ‘guarantees’ are concerned, these appear to be of more interest to lenders than, surprisingly, to the GSEs. And finally, we were assured time and again the end of conservatorship of the GSEs would have little to no effect on DTS programs present and future.

If you’re reading this blog posting and participated in Listening Session # 2, and/or plan to ‘present’ during Listening Session # 3, please share your narrative with me. Most likely, with your permission, I’ll reprint it in an upcoming issue of one or another of our widely read business newsletters, the Allen Letter and the Allen CONFIDENTIAL! If not already a subscriber to either or both media, visit www.educatemhc.com to do so.

ANSWERS! A New Emphasis for this Blog.

Last week we introduced you to the ’10 Helpful Steps to Manager & Leasing Consultant Safety’, one of many helpful aids for land lease community owner/operators, contained in the recently released 8th edition: Community Management in the Manufactured Housing Industry.

This week; introducing you to three authors who penned unique chapters in this textbook.

George Porter literally ‘wrote the book’ (i.e. regulations & protocols) on manufactured housing installation. To this day, he is relied on by HUD, manufacturers, state associations, and land lease community owners/operators to not only teach them to be eligible for installer licensing, but he troubleshoot troublesome situations as well. George articulated the Frost Free Foundation! Read George’s chapter # 8 is George’s in Community Management in the Manufactured Housing Industry.

Fred Rice, co-owner of Spectrum Utilities – a nationwide utility submetering company, is an attorney, and active member of the Utility Management & Conservation Association. We had our choice of several submetering practitioners, but were well aware of Fred’s ongoing efforts to educate land lease community owners/operators in this important cost savings activity. Planning to submeter one’s property or retrofit existing meters? Chapter # 9 will be invaluable.

Dave Hegemann’s staff at London Computer Systems and Rent Manager prepared this ‘first ever’ resource on property management (‘PN’) software in the land lease community. The PM areas covered in chapter # 10, include accounting, collections, marketing, maintenance, integrated phone systems and websites, credit reporting, and so much more! Like the previous chapters, this one too has been authored by the best known and respected expert in the field.

So, if manufactured housing installation, water submetering, and taking your community digital, are lively concerns of yours, you need to routinely refer to Community Management in the Manufactured Housing Industry! Obtain your copy via www.educatemhc.com

It’s my personal belief; a copy of this book belongs in every central property management office, and every land lease community in the U.S. and Canada. That’s how valuable the information is in this 250+ page tome used as base text of the Manufactured Housing Manager (‘MHM’) professional property management training & certification class! Next class? 14 January in Louisville, KY. Visit www.educatemhc.com for more information & to register.

George Allen, CPM®, MHM®

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