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Perspective. ‘Land lease communities, previously manufactured home communities, & ‘mobile home parks’, comprise the real estate component of manufactured housing.’

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27 years ago, Carolyn & I planned & hosted the 1st International Networking Roundtable – in Clearwater, Florida. 75 of our (then) mobile home park owner friends joined us for the Thursday, Friday, Saturday venue. And the annual event grew in size from there.

A decade later we convened in Colorado Springs, CO. There we were stranded in a the host hotel thru Sunday, until we dug out of that city’s heaviest pre-season snowfall on record! Lou Vela phoned the hotel’s owner & persuaded him to keep the beer flowing as we watched the baseball world series on TV in the hotel lounge. A legend was born…

The following year everyone opted for a warm Florida locale. As Carolyn & I arrived at East coast Delray Beach, Hurricane Georges slammed the host beachfront hotel. Sure, it cut back on attendance, but not much. Even had stragglers arrive after storm passed.

And the following year, as Carolyn & I prepared to drive from Indianapolis to the Chicago venue, two planes slammed into the World Trade Center Towers in New York City! As you’ll recall, ALL transportation came to a halt. We postponed the event until November – and had a larger audience. That’s when the Thursday morning Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag, & Friday morning informal Prayer Meeting began.

Yes, it’s been an exciting run these past 26 years. Every year we wonder if we can ‘top’ the year before? Well we’ve done it this year in spades (‘to the utmost’)! I can’t recall any other national MHIndustry & or LLCommunity venue, during my 40 years in this business, offering more education (30 presenters & panelists!), better interpersonal networking, and deal-making opportunities, than this year’s Networking Roundtable!

Read through this schedule. Then go to to register. We’re almost at our max limit of 200 registrants, so don’t delay doing so!

27th annual International Networking Roundtable

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, September 5

9AM-4PM Manufactured Housing Manager (‘MHM’) class
Taught by Katie Hauck, MHM, & Kathy Taylor, MHM
This session requires a separate registration & fee….

4-6PM ‘Art of the Deal’; Marketing Land Lease Communities
Led by Joanne Stevens, CCIM, & Tammy Fonk, CAIC

6-8PM Welcoming Reception for All! Bring business cards.
‘Celebrating National Land Lease Community Week!’

Thursday, September 6

7:30-8:30AM Networking Breakfast for All!
Get name tags & info from Carolyn Allen, PMN Publ.

8:30-9:15AM Welcome & Introduction of Everyone Present!
George Allen, CPM, MHM. Roundtable host.

9:15-10AM Keynote I. Overview of MHIndustry & Hall of Fame
Joe Stegmayer, CAVCO Industries, MHI, RV/MH HOF

10-10:15AM Morning Break at Nourishment Bar in Open Area

10:15-11AM Keynote II. FHFA, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Panel
Mike Price from FHFA
Griffin Cotter & Michael Harn from Freddie Mac
Jose Villarreal & Ben Navarro from Fannie Mae

11-11:45AM Keynote III. A Business Model that Works Well!
‘How to Buy, Sell & Seller-finance New Homes’ on-site
Michael Callaghan & Lisa Lane, Four Leaf Properties

11:45-1PM Networking Luncheon for All!

1-1:45PM Attend Either of Two Educational Sessions This Hour:

* How to Develop a New Land Lease Community!
Jamie Dougherty, Community Management Group

* Acquisition $ & Refinancing of LLCommunities
Tony Petosa, Wells Fargo Multifamily Lending

2-2:45PM Attend Either of Two Educational Sessions This Hour:

* Types of MH Today: CSH, ‘new type, RVs, & more
Mark Bowersox, Manufactured Housing Institute

* Using Print, Signage & Gifts to Promote Your Firm
Erin Smith, Spotlight-Strategies

3-3:45Pm Attend Either of Two Educational Sessions This Hour:

* Creating Compliant, Stress Free Environments
Doug Ottersberg

* Building America’s Homes Together!
Mark Yost & Phil Copeland, Skyline Champion

4-4:45PM Attend Either of Two Educational Sessions This Hour:

* Compensation Guidelines for Property Managers
Frank Bowman, MHM, Illinois Mfd. Hsg. Association

* ‘Preserving One’s Personal & Corporate Legacy via
Memoirs & Autobiography’ George Allen, CPM, MHM

4:45-6PM Attend One of Two Meetings, or Relax Until 6PM

* IMHA/RVIC (Indiana) Informal Members Meeting
Ron Breymier & Glen James hosting & leading

* National Association of Manufactured Housing
Communities ‘open meeting’ led by Susan Brenton
* Relax & Enjoy The Alexander Hotel or slip on down
to the nearby Slippery Noodle Inn – oldest bar in IN.

6-8PM RV/MH Hall of Fame Celebration Reception for All
RV/MH Hall of Fame Members encouraged to wear their
distinctive green blazers to this social networking event.

Friday, September 7

7-8AM Informal Prayer Meeting for U.S. & Leaders since 9/11
George & Carolyn Allen, hosts

7:30-8:45AM Networking Breakfast for All!

9-10AM Real Estate Lenders’ Panel/Open Discussion of $ Issues
Panel comprised of Networking Roundtable $$ Sponsors

10-11AM Chattel Capital Lenders Panel/Discussion of $$ Issues
Mix of independent lenders, hybrid & ‘captive finance’

11-12Noon Attend One of Two Educational Sessions This Hour

* How to Find, Value, Buy a Land Lease Community
Michael Power, MHCInvestor

* Writing Basics for Publication. Be a trade writer!
Patrick Revere, MHInsider magazine

12-1Pm Networking Luncheon for All!

1-2PM Attend One of Two Educational Sessions This Hour

* New Technology=Tracking Underground Systems
Brian King, Underground Infrastructure

* Third Party Fee (Property) Management Basics
Maria Horton, MHM, Newport Pacific Family of Co.

2-3PM Open Forum Discussion of MHIndustry Issues
Moderated by George Allen, CPM, MHM

3-4PM 27th Networking Roundtable Wrap-up Session


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