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Perspective. ‘Land-lease-lifestyle communities, a.k.a. manufactured home communities & earlier, ‘mobile home parks’, is the real estate component of manufactured housing.’

Purpose of this blog. ‘To be the national advocacy voice, statistical research reporter, & communication resource for LLLCommunities, of all sizes, throughout North America!’

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Duty to Serve, DTS, &
‘duty to serve underserved markets’,
Three Ways to Describe the Same Concept


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‘DUELING CURVES: The Battle for Housing’

New Book on MH, by Bob Vahsholtz, draws closer to Publication


Duty to Serve, DTS, &
‘duty to serve underserved markets’,
Three Ways to Describe the Same Concept

The ‘Newest Old Mandate’ affecting Manufactured Housing; adopted by Congress in 2008; ‘dead in the water’ since 2010; Now to be Revived?!

Bloggers Note. Following material was prepared as a feature for the February 2014 issue of the Allen Letter professional journal. However, given the recent, increasing level of interest in this ‘Newest Old Mandate’, we’re sharing it here first, to bring you up to speed regarding one of the legislative battles likely to be fought this year. Responses Welcome

OK folks, we and our industry’s ‘political wonks’* learned a valuable lesson during the last half of year 2013. As one national advocacy exec put it in a recent issue of a trade publication: ‘No longer deceive ourselves about hoped-for legislative victory, by putting all our eggs (lobbying focus) in one basket, ‘effectively holding everything else (other lobbying foci) ‘hostage’!’ Look what that misguided strategy got us regarding Dodd-Frank and the CFFB = Nothing at all! And don’t expect success during 2014 either…

• wonk = ‘an obsessive student (in this case, national advocacy execs & leaders), grind.’

YOU owe it to yourself to ‘read up’ on Duty to Serve, or DTS. Start with last month’s
issue of The Journal, and MHARR’s column therein. Here’re a few salient quotes from it:

“…DTS, on its’ face, refers to three segments of the housing market – rural housing, ‘affordable housing preservation’ and manufactured housing….”

“Federal Housing Finance Authority (‘FHFA’) @ June 7, 2010, in a proposed DTS ‘implementation’ rule…totally exclude(d) chattel loans – comprising 76 percent of all manufactured home placements – from DTS….”

“…the value of DTS, as a means of spurring an expansion of manufactured home financing…was disputed by some in the industry, as a ‘waste of time’.”

The present day hope? “DTS, with a relatively minor technical correction and a concerted industry effort…still can lead…to the high-volume securitization of as much as 76% of the industry homes titled in the states.” And just what is that minor technical correction? Despite inquiries to the national advocacy body making that claim, no answer has been forthcoming, so is not described here.


YOU owe it to yourself to ‘google’ Duty to Serve, on the internet, and read the aforementioned ‘Notice of proposed rulemaking; request for comments.’ Here’re a few salient quotes from that notice:

“…the proposed rule would, among other things: (1) consider only manufactured homes titled as real property, for purposes of the duty to serve the manufactured housing market….” P.1.

Why exclusion of chattel loans from this rulemaking document? In part, “Since establishment of the conservatorships, combined losses at the two GSEs depleted all their capital and required them to draw about $145 billion from the Dept. of the Treasury, under the Senior Preferred Stock Purchase Agreements…Acting Director reported to Congress that having the Enterprises engage in new products would be inconsistent with the goals of conservatorship….” P.7. As a taxpayer, that’s responsible and easy to understand. As a businessman, it tells me the money honey pot has been closed for the time being.

A hard reality. “According to Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data for 2008, home purchase applications for manufactured homes are denied at three times the rate that applications for site-built homes are denied.” P.11. So, what, if anything, can be done about that sad state of affairs?

Five advantages to personal property mortgages cited by the Manufactured Housing Institute: overall principal loan amount is more affordable due to absence of land in the transaction; no appraisal, survey or private mortgage insurance is necessary, which lowers closing costs; customer does not encumber any real property; tax, titling fees, homeowners insurance, and service warranties can be financed; and transaction is generally faster.” P.11, footnote # 12.

“Organizations representing consumers and manufactured home community residents expressed serious reservations about chattel lending. DFED, for example, stated chattel loans provide low-income families with higher rates, less optimal terms, and reduced consumer protections, as compared to a mortgage loan….” P.17. So, it’s not just federal bureaucrats we’re battling here, but our own homebuyers, mortgagors, and tenants.

Is this a potential solution? “Commenters suggested if FHFA determines manufactured homes, secured by chattel loans be considered, FHFA should require borrower protections such as: 1) capping the annual percentage rate or APR at 3.5 points above the prime rate; 2) banning prepayment penalties; 3) banning yield spread premiums; & 4) requiring lease terms extend five years beyond the term of the loan.” P.19

Manufactured homes are generally regarded as depreciating assets, even in a strong market environment. A 2005 report by Lehman Brothers, estimated the expected annual depreciation rate at three to four percent annually.” P.20.

“Enterprise assistance to manufactured home communities would not be considered for purposes of the duty to serve the manufactured housing market in the proposed rule.” P.22. Why? Maybe because, “With regard to manufactured home communities, individuals, nonprofit organizations, and policy advocacy groups expressed concern about the lack of tenant protections in communities owned by investors.” P.9

“ROC-USA commented, after 25 years and over $150 million in originations for resident-owned communities, it had ‘not had a single loan lost or charged off.’”p.23


YOU owe it to yourself, to not only become better educated about Duty to Serve or DTS, but to stay well-informed about what either or both national advocacy bodies say and do, ‘in our (your) behalf’, on this sensitive subject during the months to come during year 2014!


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‘DUELING CURVES The Battle for Housing’

New Book on MH, by Bob Vahsholtz, draws closer to publication

It’s not official, but Bob Vahsholtz’s new book about factory-built housing in general, manufactured housing in particular, is drawing closer to publication. The DRAFT copy I just helped edit is chock full of principles & methods, examples & statistics, biographies & corporate histories, all helping carry & support his dual themes of ‘learning curve’, and it’s effect on housing industry fundamentals, over the decades.

We’ll be among the first to let you know when and how this tome will be available for purchase by housing aficionados and practitioners.


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