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Perspective. Land lease communities, previously manufactured home communities, and earlier, ‘mobile home parks’, comprise the real estate component of manufactured housing!

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INTRODUCTION: Difficult to believe this past week could be any more full of MH events than it was – but it was! Part I reviews the hectic schedule. Part II? We have the unique opportunity, right now, to correct a decades-long ‘wrong’, where the reporting of new HUD-Code housing shipments is concerned. We can only hope our salaried and elected national leaders pay attention NOW, and put us, once and for all, on a united path of performance reporting!
Part III. A decade or two ago we didn’t even know what computer ‘hacking’ was; now it’s a concern virtually every one of us has, at home on PCs & laptops, and at work.



Unintentional omission! Last week, in blog #663, I described this past week (8-15 November) as a BONUS WEEK. Why? Because MHI/NCC Leadership Forum would occur in downtown Chicago; the 246th birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps would be celebrated on 10 November; Veterans Day on the 11th; Iowa MHAssociation’s Joe Kelly’s retirement celebration on the 14th; and, the IMHA annual meeting in Cedar Rapids on the 15th. So, what did I miss?

Rent Manager’s annual conference for 600+/- of the firm’s clients, at the Cheyenne Mountain Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO. In my opinion, this singular event rivals every other national venue that occurs for the manufactured housing industry and land lease community owners/operators! I’m invited to be a presenter every couple years, and count it a privilege to address their august audience. The Rent Manager event occurs 9-11 November, so certainly fits well within the BONUS WEEK.

Another unintentional oversight had to do with the celebration of Veterans Day. To commemorate that holiday, the November issue of ‘The Allen Confidential’ newsletter featured a firsthand story penned by freelance installation consultant George Porter, describing his Tet experience in Vietnam during 1968. This is a never before published story deserving to be read by everyone in the manufactured housing industry. And you may recall, George was inducted into the RV/MH Hall of Fame this past August.



For the third month in a row, all major reporting agencies throughout the manufactured housing industry announced the same volume of new HUD-Code homes shipped – this time, during the month of September. The total number shipped? 9,025. So says the IBTS, HUD, MHI, MHARR, & EducateMHC!

Now that’s ‘saying something’, and is what should occur every month of the year without exception. ‘Why’ the same volume reported three months in a row? Because there were none, zero, Destination Pending units reported by HUD-Code factories. When I asked ‘why’, the opinion was that with production so far behind (i.e. six to 12 months out), due to covid and supply chain problems, every home was shipped to a specific destination!

Two parting thoughts:

First. Since we’ve now demonstrated to federal legislators and regulators our industry can indeed be consistent in how we count and report HUD-Code home shipments (i.e. ‘keeping score’), why not make it standard practice going forward? In a word, STOP adjusting the IBTS monthly total, by deducting number of Destination Pending units one month, only to add them back to the total next month. Right now is our unique and historic opportunity to do this right! Let’s not purposely besmirch our credibility going forward, by resuming the Destination Pending (-&+) numbers game!

And then there’s the quietly spoken, but increasing belief, among post production segments of the manufactured housing industry, that ‘record profits’ reported by HUD-Code housing manufacturers are being achieved ‘on the backs’ of wholesale purchasers of new homes, who’re enduring lengthy delivery times, as well as exorbitant, repetitious price increases. Or as one reader put it in a recent email message to me: ‘How many companies are using the supply chain excuse to gouge their customers?” If true, and I hope it isn’t, perhaps time is fast approaching for forensic accounting to ascertain what is really going on these days.



According to the International Data Group (‘ID’), there are at least 15 signs one has been hacked:

1. You get a ransomware message
2. You get a fake antivirus message
3. You have unwanted browser toolbars
4. Your internet searches are redirected
5. You see frequent, random popups
6. Your friends receive social media invitations from you that you didn’t send
7. Your online password isn’t working
8. You observe unexpected software installs
9. Your mouse moves between programs and makes selections
10. Antimalware, Task Manger or Registry Editor is disabled.
11. Your online account is missing money
12. You’ve been notified by someone you’ve been hacked
13. Confidential data has been leaked
14. Your credentials are in a password dump
15. You observe strange network traffic patterns.

As you read through this lengthy list of signs or hack tracks, it’s difficult to not be discouraged with the whole online communication and social experience. But ‘being forewarned is being forearmed’!

George Allen, CPM, MHM

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