‘Murdered By Gods’

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Perspective. ‘Land lease communities, previously manufactured home communities, and earlier, ‘mobile home parks’, comprise the real estate component of manufactured housing!’


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INTRODUCTION: Four opportunities coming your way. An exciting mystery novel authored by a land lease community owner. Help finance the new manufactured housing wing at the RV/MH Hall of Fame. Watch to see if CDC overstepped constitutional boundary with its’ eviction moratorium.  And, if a freelance consultant, here’s your opportunity to be included in the 22nd annual ‘Who Ya Gonna Call in 2021?’ directory. No one sends more MHNews your way!




‘Murdered By Gods’


“I looked down at my phone, which seemed to be the source of the sudden heat. I’ve had phones get a little too warm before, especially when exchanging a lot of data…but never at such a temperature as what I was feeling now. It actually felt like it was burning my fingers, which prompted me to drop it with a yelped curse, “Shit. That’s Hot.”


As I said it, the buzz of conversation spiked in volume and intensity. Shouts, even shrieks of alarm erupted all around us. Focused as I was, on my defective phone, I did not immediately grasp the significance of this, but over the din, I could just make out a hissing sound – like a pressure valve releasing steam – emanating from the device.


…Everywhere I looked, I saw people staring at the floor, staring at mobile phones they had dropped or thrown down in dismay. I grabbed (Diane’s) clutch purse from her hands and flung it away. The purse was still in the air when it, and every other mobile phone in the great hall, erupted in a flash of white-hot flame.” Pp. 307 & 308


So goes, Murdered By Gods, a thrilling mystery authored by land lease community owner and real estate broker Charles G. Irion of Phoenix, Arizona.  Interested in reading more? Here goes…


“The business end of the submachine pistol was close enough that, had I been so inclined, I could have reached out and touched it.


There’s an axiom in self-defense instruction: run away from a knife, charge a gun. The reason is simple. Since you can’t outrun a bullet, you might as well go on the offensive. Additionally, guns are most effective at a distance, where the shooter has time to adjust his aim or lead a moving target.


Holding the nearest gunman’s gaze, I slowly raised my hands in what I hoped looked like a signal of surrender.


Something else I learned from close-combat instruction is it is physically impossible to pull a trigger while speaking.


As the first syllable left his throat, I made my move.”  Pp. 181 & 182


If you’d like to learn more about Charles Irion and this 12th exciting book in a series, read the full review I’ve penned, in the April issue of The Allen Confidential newsletter. However, if you want your copy now, order it directly from Chuck via www.charlesirion.com, or amazon.com





Have YOU Donated Yet?


‘Fundraising for the New Manufactured Housing Museum Addition is Gaining Momentum’ is how a recent Press Release reads, from the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, IN.


This is exciting! For many of us in the manufactured housing industry, and among land lease community owners/operators nationwide, we’ve been awaiting this important development for decades; frankly, ever since the RV/MH Federation was birthed in 1972 – that’s one year shy of 50 years ago! Now do you see why this long-promised addition to the Hall of Fame facility is generating so much interest – and donations?


Carolyn and I have donated annually, for decades, to support the RV/MH Hall of Fame. Now we all have an opportunity to help it grow, and recognize the manufactured housing industry as it has the recreational vehicle industry all these years. We’ll be making a donation this weekend.


“…kick-off donations from Clayton Homes ($300,000), Cavco Industries ($100,000), MHI ($50,000), MMH & RVCA Michigan Association ($50,000), and dealer/developer/dedicated board member Jimi Scoular ($50,000).”  Plus a whole raft of nearly two dozen individuals donating from between $1,000 and $25,000. If Jim Scoular’s name ‘rings a bell’ with you, it’s likely because he, his son, and late father, recently co-authored their family’s history in manufactured housing, titled Leap of Faith. This book available for purchase directly from the RV/MH Hall of Fame (574) 293-2344.


How to donate to the RV/MH Hall of Fame? Mail check to RV/MH Heritage Foundation @ 21565 Executive Parkway, Elkhart, IN. 46514. (tongue in cheek) ‘Tell’em, George sent you!’


Let’s celebrate the 50th Anniversary, in 2022, of the RV/MH Heritage Foundation, in the new manufactured housing addition!






U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas recently declared Center for Disease Control (‘CDC’) eviction moratorium a constitutional overstep; specifically, a federal health agency attempting to play the role of an economic regulatory agency. This ruling is being contested. Every land lease community owner/operator should follow this matter through the legal system, in hope for relief from this one-sided coronavirus pandemic measure.




Calling All Freelance Consultants!


Do you provide freelance (i.e. not on someone else’s payroll) consulting services to manufactured housing firms and or land lease community owners/operators nationwide? If so, maybe you should be listed in the annual ‘Who Ya Gonna Call in 2021?’ Directory of Freelance Consultants. The 23rd annual directory will be distributed along with the April issue of The Allen Confidential newsletter.


The directory generally contains the names, business profiles, and contact information on 40 or so individuals from throughout the U.S. If you’re been on the list now, or have been before, you know it. If not, and interested, email me (gfa7156@aol.com) your name, a paragraph describing your consultancy specialty (e.g. marketing, advertising, sales training, fee-management, ROC conversions, insurance, infrastructure, home-only finance, land planning & zoning, water leak detection, property valuation, resident screening, home installation, sub metering, and landscape architecture, just to name a few) and contact information (e.g. phone number, email address, and web site.


To obtain a copy of the 22nd annual directory, contact Erin Smith, MHM, via EducateMHC@gmail.com or visit www.educatemhc.com




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