Something New, or ‘Not So New’, is a-Coming Your Way!

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Perspective. ‘Land lease communities, previously manufactured home communities, and earlier, ‘mobile home parks’, comprise the real estate component of manufactured housing.’

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INTRODUCTION: Only one blog topic this week, the newly combined MH Shipment ‘#s & $s’ Report for 1/2020; &, 3/3/20 ‘Manufacturer/REIT Market Data’ Report. At the risk of overstating the importance, timeliness, and utility of this proprietary information coming your way, know the manufactured housing industry has waited nearly seven decades for these key private and public data sets to be published and shared together industrywide!


Something New, or ‘Not So New’, is a-Coming Your Way!

If you were active in manufactured housing and communities during the mid-1990s, you might recall reading the periodic report I penned, titled: ‘The MHCommunity REIT Report’. It was an exciting, albeit short-lived effort to track REIT stock performance at the time.

Why exciting? Because Wall Street analysts initially viewed REIT IPOs (Initial Public Offerings – of stock) as being Growth Stocks, not the Value Stocks they were! Hence, from the ‘git-go’, REIT execs faced expectations-cum-demands, to increase dividend payments quarter after quarter – a near impossible task given the illiquid real estate assets in REIT portfolios. It was the realty asset class’ first brush with rent control and other forms of landlord-tenant legislation.

Why short-lived? Look at the ‘Rental Homesite Counts Among LLCommunity REITs’ chart within any ALLEN REPORT and that story is clear. Four new REITs were in play between 1994 & 1997; five between 1998 & 2003; six during 2004 & 2005; but then back to the present day three by year 2009, with no change during the past decade. Those chaotic times made it nigh impossible to keep accurate track of who was acquiring whom, how, and why.

So, what’s new coming your way? An expansion of the widely-referenced monthly MH Shipment ‘#s & $s’ Report prepared and distributed by EducationMHC. In brief, monthly HUD-Code housing shipment volume is tallied and reported by the Institute for Building Technology & Safety. IBTS is HUD’s perennial contractor for this valuable service, to national MH advocacy entities like HUD, MHARR, MHI, NAMHCO, & EducateMHC. There’s generally a two month lag time between end of month shipment tallying (e.g. January) and reporting (March)

Starting with the January 2020 report (distributed during early March 2020), a second half has been added: ‘Public Market Side of Manufactured Housing & Land Lease Community Portfolio Investing’. No lag time here! As soon as the first half this report is complete, public market data is gleaned online and reported to readers as four HUD-Code housing manufacturers and three real estate investment trusts, where stock prices are concerned. There will also be corporate ‘news’, market cap ‘value’ comparisons, and a new combined (MH & LLCommunity) stock index.

How to obtain your copy of this new tool, to help you quantify and understand the ‘industry’ and ‘realty asset class’ aspects of manufactured housing and communities? Simple. Subscribe to the Basic edition of The Allen Confidential newsletter, and you’ll receive this valuable resource document digitally every month.


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