The Trojan Horse Christmas Card

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Perspective. ‘Land lease communities, previously manufactured home communities, and earlier, ‘mobile home parks’, comprise the real estate component of manufactured housing!’

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INTRODUCTION: Part I is a rare look into my personal and political life. Here sharing the content of a Trojan Horse Christmas Card, because it’s timely and thought-provoking, given the soon-to-occur U.S. presidential election. And Part II? As an industry and realty asset class, we’re fortunate to have two national advocates representing us in our nation’s capitol. In this instance, one advocate continues to pressure federal bureaucracies to do us a far better job!


The Trojan Horse Christmas Card

We received our first 2020 Christmas card on Thursday 22 October. Imagine our surprise and anticipation opening the envelope, to see the holiday greeting from friends we’ve known for more than four decades! Imagine our surprise and disappointment as we read the vitriol-laden political message contained in the enclosed typed lengthy message! Opening lines?

“The COVID-19 pandemic could not have been stopped completely, but it could have been controlled. Trump’s failure to act, his lying and ignoring medical advice cost us at least 170,000 lives and has sent our economy down the tubes. This did not happen in any other developed country. He did not even protect his own family.”

And it gets worse the further one reads into the screed. First a list of six personal deprivations, e.g. ‘I have not been to a symphony, a live performance, movie, or museum.’ Horrors! Then a recitation of seven COVID-19 factoids (i.e. questionable or unsubstantiated facts) such as: “Hospitals are unable to care for all the patients.” Really? Where? Since this letter was penned in the Pacific Northwest (You know, ‘blue state mismanagement’), so may be true there. But you get the drift. Someone is very unhappy, politically charged, and wants everyone to know.

We enjoy receiving holiday greetings, but not of this stripe. Sure, the writer is entitled to their view and opinion on any matter; but to harangue (i.e. a long, vehement speech) one’s friends with “I beg you to vote Trump out of office.” & “VOTE for Biden-Harris, to begin to put this virus back in its box…and to bring our Democracy back and rescue us from this madness.” Is an ideological ‘bridge too far’ afield for those who’re patriotic Christian citizens in this great country! We are grateful for a president who has kept his campaign promises, by lowering taxes and deregulating wherever possible; and before the coronavirus emerged, lowered the unemployment rate, especially among minorities; strengthened our military and secured our nation’s borders! Oh, and let’s not forget, where foreign policy is concerned, he negotiated better trade deals for the U.S., pressured NATO members into paying their fair share for defense, defeated ISIS once and for all, and ensure ‘no nuclear war’ with North Korea! What more could we possibly ask of a first term U.S. President? Hmm. How ‘bout appointing constitution ‘originalists’ to the Supreme Court (three to date) and other Federal courts? Done!

This Trojan Horse Christmas Card did not fly, let alone walk where and how its writer likely intended. Many, if not most, U.S. citizens are happy living in this great country; self-quarantining through the COVID-19 pandemic (This is our 227th day enjoying one another’s company); and soon deciding, whether they want ‘more of the same Trump’ during the next four years (i.e. ‘Make America Great Again! & ‘Keep America Great!’) OR, vote to take the first wrongful step toward failed socialism via liberal and progressive politicians!


MHARR Keeps Pressure on FHFA & GSEs

In…comments responding to a September 23, 2020 ‘Request for Information’ (‘RFI’) published by Fannie and Freddie’s federal regulator, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (‘FHFA’), the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (‘MHARR’) – as it did at (the) recent FHFA ‘Listening Session’ – maintains the ‘implementation’ of Duty to Serve (‘DTS’), within the manufactured housing market, to date, has been a failure, which has severely prejudiced the industry’s smaller businesses, as well as American consumer of affordable housing! MHARR’s comments…call on FHFA to scrap its current baseless and ineffective approach to DTS, and instead, within a very brief time, take action to fully implement DTS in a market-significant manner across all sectors of the mainstream manufactured housing market! (Lightly edited. GFA)

The MHARR is a Washington, D.C.-based national trade association representing the views and interests of independent producers of federally-regulated manufactured housing. Reach Mark Weiss via (202)783-4087

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