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Perspective. ‘Land lease communities, previously manufactured home communities, and earlier, ‘mobile home parks’, comprise the real estate component of manufactured housing.’

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INTRODUCTION: No introduction needed today. Parts I & II are self-explanatory.


This Patriot

Practices Discerning News Intake & Citizen Punditry

How ‘bout You?

These are tumultuous partisan political and coronavirus times for everyone! Here’s how one individual addresses these politically-combative and life-threatening matters, from and within respective frames of reference.

I no longer read The New York Times or the Washington Post. Today I glean and model my points of view from print news published in two local daily – urban and suburban newspapers, and The Epoch Times – a weekly publication founded in year 2000, espousing truth and tradition, akin to The Christian Science Monitor.*1 News magazines? Over the decades I’ve read them all! Today I read one: World magazine*2. And after decades of frustratingly pointless TV channel surfing, I reservedly rely on FOX News, to avoid what I consider progressive opinions expressed on TV and cable channel networks. And radio? Give me Limbaugh, Katz, and Beck (author of that ‘must read’ novel The Overton Window) anytime, instead of what I used to enjoy on NPR.
Why? Having intellectually processed 40+ years of business acumen and people experience to date, I consider myself an educated and discerning ‘real news’ aficionado, with little time and no patience for fact verification backtracking, and little tolerance or stomach for liberal-slanted faux journalism, unfortunately pervasive throughout today’s print and online secular press.

So, besides being careful what I read, and from where it originates, what do I do to make my views known? I engage in citizen punditry (‘expression of learned views’) by routinely penning Letters to Editors of local newspapers; as well as carefully worded response commentaries emailed to weekly/monthly news magazines, specifically their columnists. Seriously. You should try it sometime soon, again and again.

But that’s not all there is to citizen punditry. Via methods just described, social media and more, conscientious U.S. citizens are increasingly making their views known relative to subversionary activities by ‘deep staters’, the culture war waged in this country today, and whatever other matters they feel weaken or threaten our democracy and society.

Frankly, I’d like to know what you think of discerning news intake and citizen punditry, as described here. Better yet; get busy crafting and sharing as a citizen pundit, your perspective and peerspectives. Do so via

End Notes.
1. The Epoch Times.
2. World.


‘Sell In May & Go Away!’

Traditional stock market investment strategy for month of May pre-2020

Not this year! Recovering from the quarantine and national economic toll of coronavirus requires ALL of US to do our part in the healing process unfolding during May, June, July and August. As 75 year olds, Carolyn and I remain well-quarantined, thanks to the grocery-shopping of our daughter Susan, and outdoor chores assistance of son Adam. And we remain as engaged as possible; me, writing to you weekly, monthly (The Allen Confidential!), and via MHInsider magazine (‘Allen Legacy’ column). Carolyn is a longtime CASA (Court-appointed special advocate for children) volunteer, and ‘works her case load’ daily by phone and PC.

So, stay engaged and do your part to ensure our great nation returns to the prosperity we’ve temporarily left behind during the coronavirus pandemic! Next week I’ll share some insights gleaned from recent ‘earnings calls’ by some of our eight public MH/LLCommunity companies active in the U.S. today! GFA

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